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The Ultra Flake system is a modern, decorative and grout-free flooring and wall system that is easy to maintain and will look and feel great for years. 
A desirable alternative to tiles and carpet offering a wide range of colours, flake sizes, and system finishes. Suitable for residential and commercial applications, Ultra Flake has become a popular long-term flooring and wall solution. 

Offering a number of finish options allows a seamless transition from the outside patio, paths, and driveway to the garage, and then a seamless transition to the interior of the home, business, or commercial space completes the seamless look.

Hyper Flake Signature Series
A decorative flooring system that captures the beauty and warmth of a natural stone finish. An alternative to the traditional polished floor, offering a consistent polished concrete look and a finish that has been formulated with durability at the forefront of requirements.

Hyper Flake Signature Series is an easy to maintain long term solution that brings elegance into your home. Don't settle for anything less than stunning.

Quartz Shield is an exciting and versatile coating system designed by All Purpose Coating's. Quartz Shield is available in two different systems, Quartz Shield 25 and Quartz Shield 40. These systems present customers with the option of varying levels of grit and consequentially different levels of slip resistance. What makes this exciting new system unique, is the use of quartz as the slip-resistant additive as opposed to traditional slip-resistant coatings which use silica sand. Quartz Shield has an incredible level of durability, and its sheer hardness ensures the longevity of the coating from both a practical and visual standpoint. Quartz Shield uses APC's EPO100® Epoxy as the foundation of the Quartz Shield System, which is Australian manufactured and harbours 20 years of proven experience and excellence. 

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